Software development like any other project is greatly affected by the relationship between the Software developers and the client. Be it Mobile app, Desktop software, web application or a 5 liner simple script that a software developer have to write for a client, at the end of the day are the final products that are given to the client. However, to get there the developer goes through some rabbit holes  that the client is usually not aware of. We all understand and are always thirsty for some transparency from our government, leaders and our politicians.  Go figure ! But what has transparency go to do with Software development, between software development companies / freelance software developer and clients? 


I am a programmer, I develop software. I have done mobile apps, desktop software and web applications. I have developed system and I have integrated and customized many enterprise systems.

Most of the time I look for business operation that can be improved by using software and or a combination of software and hardware whatever tickles it.
I many instances I do replace a tedious manual operation done by someone all day every day, I create a software and boom all they need to do is press a button and they are done for the day. In most instances given the right ecosystem and good integration strategy I may even replace that click of button with an auto execute mode where there is event that satisfy the condition the software executes the command without you telling it.  

A while a go there use to be insurance brokers who go around and collect insurance quotations and advise you on the best cost effective package. They built their career on that and raised their children. Now a days there are online engines that do the comparison, provide you reliable information in fraction of second.
In social occasions, with friends we often discuss about robots taking our jobs away. We often laugh it off; but it is not as quite far-fetched as it would  sound when you say “we will have a robot maid that cleans a house” and another robot that “do the farming for us” and all that; hell you may even imagen a robot president that lead our country.

I discuss and engage clients about all kinds of mobile app ideas almost daily, the app concept, the app design, the app business model etc.  I will get to it but first let me say a word about the app entrepreneurs. If there is anything like that, it would be someone who comes with a concept for business using a mobile app. It could be any type of mobile app utility app, enterprise app or a game app. We have all witnessed how simple concept mobile apps have turned the market upside down and generate billions if not more for the inventors. Usually it all starts with “I can get a mobile app for that” and then follows with the famous question “how much does it cost to make an app?” which will be answered with a very dull unsatisfactory answer “it depends” and the process goes on till we get the wonder maker mobile app with all the bells and chimes.  I have the privilege of talking to many mobile app entrepreneurs here at inovosystems. Sometimes via chat or phone and sometimes in the boardroom. I want to share with you what I tell my clients.

Running a business, among other things, involves setting up business workflows, operations and processes, tasks and procedures which we refer to as business system.  Your business system is expected to be clearly defined, stable and well understood by the whole team, customers and other stockholders. Moreover, More often than not, the difference between a successful and failed business could simply be attributed to few key aspects of running a business assuming that the business case is healthy such as business efficiency, business intelligence and quality of the response to the market.  Today I would like to discuss the efficiency component which is directly relevant to my experience and field of work.