Our latest live products 

Yet another load of tested and tried, Ready-made Innovative and practical solutions from Inovosystem (pty)Ltd. These solutions are ready for you to simply pick and we will customize to your specifications NO extra charges. These solutions are all live systems, you can book a demo session and see if they make sense to your business goals or project.  

Products can be used as a hosted solutions (Software as a Service or SaaS) or you can simply own a licence to deploy in your own environment or your clients ecosystem.  

Moreover, all the products come with a full service level agreement and preventive maintenance, free security and optimization upgrades.  

Field data capture system

Field Data Capture System (FDC)

AuZo Data Master is a three component system namely a mobile device and software used to capture data, a main frame with control panel or dash board and a back-end data management and analysis software that streams data live as it is captured and generate reports on the fly. The system has been used with great success in energy meter audits, traffic systems and retail industry to collect live data. 

Field data capture system

Complete learning management system

InovoSystems Online-Learning management System (InovoLMS) is a dynamic e-learning environment that is used to deliver a structured and regulated education with a semi-Automated functionalities. It is a specialized e-learning platform which can be used in a variety of environments such as in formal education institutes, training and development programs or Corporate training programs.

revenue protection software for municipalities and utilities

Anomaly detection software

With the advancement of anomaly detection and machine learning now we can assist utilities and municipalities to identify water and electricity theft. The system  is a statistical software that makes use of big data technology  with a very complex algorithm that will guide you through the darkness. The system could also be used in many other industries such as retail, transportation and logistics etc... 

RFID based library managment system

RFID based Library Management system

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is the latest technology to be used in library theft detection systems. Unlike EM (Electro-Mechanical) and RF (Radio Frequency) systems, which have been used in libraries for decades, RFID-based systems move beyond security to become tracking systems that combine security with more efficient tracking of materials throughout the library, including easier and faster charge and discharge, inventorying, and materials handling.

IoT enabled tracking system, vehicles, shipment, digital devices such as laptops, phones handheld devices

IoT - Tracking system ( software & Hardware)

InoTrack, is an IoT enabled tracking system composed of a free mobile app, web application and desktop application, an advanced geo device (tracker) that track movement and execute commands from a phone or web based dashboard. This system is deployed as a hosted system or DIY for tracking companies and individuals.  The tracking module is LBS enabled and can use any radio signal to determine location and movement. 

Prepaid electricity vending system

Ivend prepaid vending system

Ivend online STS Electricity vending system (Ivend) is a prepaid electricity token vending system that enables purchase of electricity from an authorized utility, Eskom or municipality outlet. Ivend is a centralized encryption system that generates STS credit token for prepaid electricity. It is a multi-vendor online system that can be used as a hosted service or licenced locally installed system.  

Ready made yet Customized to your needs 

Core features of our systems

White brand - OEM

We provide OEM arrangement where rebrand our products to your company. Shine and grow your foot print  


All products are designed with customization in mind. all functionalities and features are modular you take what is relevant to you. Customization is covered on the price model so that you don't have to pay any extra charge


Offered systems come with a variety of features are mostly added by clients requests and experiences shared. you will be spoiled for options.


All our products come with LIFE TIME SUPPORT agreements and free upgrades on security and functionalities. Should you be providing it to a client we will train and support your staff so that they can do front line support with out engineers at their disposal at any given time. 


In-house software and mobile app developers

Deep knowledge base and in house skills

We have developed and deployed variety of Systems, apps, desktop, web application and IoT software. We don't target the programming language or technology we target your Goals and what you want to achieve and then we choose the appropriate technology.


Your app, software or web application is your tool for your business to function and prosper. We take pride in our modular architecture of all our products we deploy. This enables us to update, upgrade or extend your software without disruption to your business process. Moreover, as you know technology changes with time fast  so does your business and when it is time you don't have to throw you software altogether and get it redesigned to get the new functions you need 

mobile app, software development target

Set Measurables on your goals

We monitor and evaluate all our products of development against the goals you set, we tune and streamline relentlessly to get all goals met. We don't target the measurables on the development process but on the specific achievement of the product we build for you.

quality assurance

Quality assurance

Apart from the obvious reasons of having in-house skill, testing and running a full fledged in-house monitoring and evaluation lab is made possible. Our development ecosystem and infrastructure advantages us with all sorts of unit testing and live-like testing procedures. Quality assurance however does not stop in our lab rather a policy products deployed go to the live testing phase and are monitored constantly for any kind of undesired results.  

update and support of developed mobile apps and software


We offer personalized holistic  support and consultancy on all our development products be it mobile app, desktop software or web application in reference of your general digital platform strategy and business goals. No matter what kind of Service Level Agreement (SLA) you have with us, as far as our software is concerned we are a click away.

Regular Automated Updates

All our products ( mobile apps, desktop software and  web applications ) are designed with automated and silent update and monitoring feature. All preventive maintenance, security upgrades and cumulative OS or platform updates happen without affecting your business or you having to enquire for it. This is a free for all feature that you don't have to pay any extra cost.

mobile app, desktop software and web app security


Security to us is not an afterthought, we follow the globally accepted best practices and take measures swiftly to ensure our products are safe to use and keeps your business safe. They say you are a strong as your weakest point and we will don't want to be the weak link in your business. Whether it is mobile app or Mission critical enterprise solution security design and development remains the focal point of our development process.   

Mobile programing ( apps - android, iOS, Win and specialized mobile devices)


Custom software development (windows, iOS and linux)


web applications


Back-end Software & DB development


Embedded Systems & Firmware



For a long time we thought we are the best and that is the reason why clients keep coming back to us, honestly most of them are just comfortable to ask us anything and get the honest reaction.

Business Ethics

We can list down pages and pages of what we believe in and what is right or wrong but we will just say this. Behind every business there is a HUMAN , think of that human when you make business decisions and you will make good business

They trusted us you can too Who trust us

I never though there is anyone who would understand my idea so fast and so good that the development would be very smooth from the get go. It feels like these guys can read my mind !!!!! very happy will do business again !!!!
Johan van Rensburg
They say "Life doesn't offer guarantees..." I say, "Wait until you work with INOVO SYSTEMS..." Peace of mind is guaranteed by their system and development support teams. Thank you guys.
Mojela Gabriel Theko - miwix (Pty) Ltd.

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