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A professional Software development by software experts coupled with the most secure and well known TSM500i Tamper-Responsive Hardware Security Module (HSM) that is certified to FIPS 140-2 level 4 physical security requirements. 

Inovosystems, brings you the most advanced prepaid Electricity, Water, Gas and Time STS approved vending  System.

Revenue protection centric

Ivend prepaid electricity vending system is designed with a strong back end application that targets electricity theft as one of its main objectives. it analyzes purchase patterns of prepaid customers, raise flags and create alarm events on an irregular consumption patterns. The system uses  complex anomaly detection algorithm, and machine learning technology to single out electricity theft and irregular behaviour.  

mobile app for electricity vending system

Mobile vending

iVend prepaid electricity vending system incorporates different interfaces for third party vending one of which is the use of mobile app that can be used from any smartphone to enable decentralized third party vending strategies. This has proven to be effective in community support programs, making prepaid electricity readily available in rural areas and townships as a strategy to combat meter tampering.  

Flexible deployment plan

iVend comes with various functionalities and features in a modular architecture. Depending on the objectives and goals of the municipalities, utilities, or corporates this features can be added or removed without any reprogramming.  Moreover, iVend can be packaged as a hosted service ( for startups and small companies or property manager's) or can be deployed as a complete system at the ecosystem of the utility). 

extensive API for third party integrations

Extensive API

iVend makes it very easy for all third party vendors and super vendors to plug in and start transacting in short period of time. iVend API includes plugins for handheld devices, well known retail stores, mobile apps etc..

Comprehensive prepaid vending system with revenue protection modules General description

iVend prepaid electricity vending system is STS approved online vending system it supports Standard Transfer Specification (STS) credit update tokens, key change tokens and the following management tokens which includes clear credit, set power & clear tamper. 

The system offers sales of prepaid electricity via different platforms including but not limited to  POS, voucher, mobile apps, USSD ( no smart phone), ecommerce or web portal and third parties.

On the technical side, iVend is a three tier system with a modular architecture it consists of encryption layer, back end system and interface layer.  

System access management is one of the core modules that is included in the system that enables you to define and monitor access and activity of users strictly. the structure also offers separation of power in a configurable setting such as you can define user loading credit for venders can not generate credit tokens or user generating reports can not generate token or load credit. iVend logs access and activities of each user against the log in credentials in an encrypted audit database to enable and comply with auditing activities. 

The basic operation being vending of electricity which is as simple as typing the amount and generating a token which is  a one-key-stroke operation.  The other levels of access include management, settings, etc … depending on the access level. All operations are highly intuitive and windows like operations. Moreover training (especially on setting and configurations) a comprehensive, easy to read user manual will be provided. See detailed back end functionalities here

administration and access control iVend system
general description of prepaid electricity vending  system

The system is composed of three main components namely Cryptography - is where all the encryptions happen and token are generated  , administration and business layer - all financial modules, access control and audit modules sit here , and interface layer - this layer provides all the interface AIPs for mobile apps, dashboards, cpanel, third party services etc. 


The database tier is based on Oracle or mssql (depending on the size and magnitude of transactions). It will keep  all  records of all transaction data including meter serial numbers, tokens generated, operator ID, date & time, values. 


Reporting is handled according to the security definition (role and rights). Reports include transactions, operations, errors, financial and analytical. Reports can be generated from the data with user-configurable filtering and sorting. 


The flexibility and scalability is quarantined by separating the data tier, Application tier and encryption tier. It also support multiple operators that connect to a single data hub keeping track of transactions per operator. 


Cryptography services Business model

Vending system development


Over the years we have been developing vending systems for municipalities and utilities who would wants to have their own vending system with a support technology partner, corporates who would like to provide the vending system to their clients and some startup businesses who would like to grow their business in the industry. We provide the development service and get it tested and approved by STS under your company name. once approved by your self then we train your staff and provide behind the scene support for the lifetime of the system.    

customization of iVend prepaid electricity vending system


iVend is a ready made online vending system packed with functionalities and features. Depending on your objectives we can customize the system and produce you a licenced, tested and approved version that you can deploy for your project. You will own the livence of that specific version and all its vending certificates (STS ) under your company name.

ivend hosted system

Hosted Vending system

This is where we anchor you to the existing iVend online vending system with minimal changes. The system consists of all the basic functionalities and is suitable for smaller projects such as small municipalities, gated estates , and property management companies. 

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