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Inovosystems have been developing high-tech solutions for corporates, parastatals, local government and startups since 2012. At inovosystems We value our collective experience and we only happy to make it work for you


Every problem and organization have a unique set of problems and every case is researched and concluded on its own merits. 


In house skill and cumulative organizational memory, organized knowledge base all at your service. 

Real day  challenges  Problems 

We See problems for what they are and we OWN them.

Our Area of  Practice

Technology,  takes us everywhere and we have seen technology saving the day more than we can count.  But something we never fail to recognize is that all automagic tech solutions have three traits at the core of the solution. 

Simple, Practical and Purpose driven!

Hence our slogan 'practical technology'. We have consulted municipalities, government departments and startups, they all 'say we could have done this long time ago if we only knew'. The key concept is that throwing money at a problem is not always the best solution, our principle is what can you do with what you have to get what you want.


Utilities and municipalities

Revenue Protection & Enhancement

The role of smart technology in the Revenue protection and enhancement projects for municipalities and utilities is not debatable. We have used cutting edge technology to solve problems and show tangible results; however when you dig deeper you will see that the achievements are largely attributed to how it is utilized and deployed.

product design and development

Product design & development

Be it a mobile app, a utility software or a web portal or website, eventually it has to be packaged and commercialized as a product on its way to the user. Unfortunately most people take it that this is the last stage of product development. Development of a product starts with a tiny little idea that is itchy and burning, STOP and have an exhaustive plan, strategy and imagine the packaged product before you develop the app, or smart device.

Digital platforms for businesses

Digital platforms are not a mere cumulative sum of devices and applications. It takes a deliberately designed technology and integrated strategy into the 4th industrial revolution. Choices of technology, preference, usability and future scalability considerations are but few of the stars that need to be aligned to the objective of the organization.

IoT design & development

Internet of things, ya that , We had questions like "what is this internet of things thing that everyone is talking about man?" IoT has being around for a while now and have been adding value to businesses and organizations. It is never about expensive new technology or complicated programing; rather it is about how to retrofit and enhance you business process or tools by adding little communication and intelligence so as to increase efficiency, accuracy, reduce wastage, improve productivity etc. 

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