Versatile and highly configurable

This is not one of those mobile forms that you build online and end up with rigid one way road application that you have to pay fortune every month. You simply specify what your needs are we configure and create appropriate mobile apps with your branding, hook up your back end application and configure your dashboard to the dot.

Always on-time

Thanks to the modular architecture and a rich library of modules and components, optimized base code of both the mobile apps and the back end software, time needed for development and deployment of the system is reduced greatly. Whats is more is that this allows us to focus on the unique features that you need to have on your system. 

Flexible deployment

Depending on the type of data, mobile apps can be deployed to an ordinary smartphone or tablets or to specialized devices enabling you to make use of specialized sensors, measurement devices and handheld scanners. The back end system is offered as a hosted cloud application with a secure and reliable data centers. 

Advanced back-end software

Powered by our famous AuZo Data master which has evolved through the years to be a powerful data analysis tool, it will  aggregate,  analyse and reports results back to the dashboard. Auzo Data Master comes packed with complex data manipulation and processing tools including machine learning and anomaly detection algorithms.

Auzo Integrated Field data capture system

Fast deployment of customized data capture system Best of both worlds

Field data capture is a process of data collection via survey, interview, measurement, test etc. With the advancement of mobile technology and IoT this field has grown exponentially. we have integrated mobile programing with different IoT enabled mobile devices armed with sensors and high-tech measurement equipments to feed data directly to your control room. Supervisors and manager can access live data that they can interrogate real time and not have to wait for manual compilation of reports and spreadsheets.

Data collection methods may require different amount of field work, different types of skills and effort, the type of data to be collected vary depending on your field of work and objectives; could be pictures, consumer details, electromagnetic emission, radio signal strength, geo location etc .  Hence our ready made system that can be customized to your specs. 

Field data collection system - mobile app, backend software and control panel

The system is composed of three main components. the mobile component, Control panel or user interface (dashboard ) and the Mainframe (AuZo Data Master).

software development for windows

Mobile apps for FDC

Mobile apps for the field data capture system are designed targeting the specific data capture device. In most standard data collection objectives a standard smart mobile phone or tablet can be used on android, iOS or mobile windows. In case of specialized measurement devices and scanners, apps will be designed targeting different sensors and input devices (RFID, EM, Radio scanners etc ). Mobile apps can be distributed via private channels or in case of crowd data collection projects it can be published and distributed by Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for iOS.



The main frame the main brains behind the system that coordinates and controls all data transactions between the mobile devices, database and user dashboard in the control room. It is also packed with powerful algorithms and path ways to analyse data and generate reports. Most of the data functionalities on the system is handled by the mainframe. Moreover the mainframe handles the configurations and user preference, it controls and configures the communications monitor dataflow and security, authentications, roles and rights of each user.    

The control panel (dashboard)

This Component is basically the user interface that enables the user to communicate with all the apps out there and the mainframe. You will configure your preferences, define your reports, and control and manage all mobile devices and apps. It enables two way communication with apps and devices as in to send commands and receive or request data. It is intuitive, responsive interface that can be deployed in a form of mobile app, web application or desktop software.


time & resource

Use our field data capture system for a fraction of your current budget 


Recent Deployment and customizations Use case

The system is designed with a wide variety of industries that seek versatile mobile data capturing tasks in mind. It is impractical to list down all the use case as it depends on the client side as how creatively wants to exploit the system. With all the customization combinations you can come up with we are only happy to consult you and finetune the system to your requirements. Here are some of the recent requests we had to work on. 

Field data capture , paperless data collection, mobile app and backend software
desktop application performance compared to mobile apps and web applications

Survey and Polles

Recently we customized and deployed system for a professional environmental survey that requires measurement and live data streaming for analysis. Other applications  include a quick survey of customer experience on chain retail store. Researcher were able to fill in the questionnaire without inconveniencing the customer as they walk to their parking lot.    

Desktop privacy vs mobile app and web applications

Security logging

In a closed security complexes and restricted access areas security personnel could easily log visitors admission without  delays and access is reflected in real time from a control room and access control command center. 


This is one of the extensive deployment we made recently where system is used to do water and electricity meter audit where by professionals make house visits to audit meter reading. Data is streamed live to the municipality whereby supervisors and managers monitor data entry and compile reports on hourly basis.  

Inventory and logistics

This variant was used by logistics organization to log delivery and stock update with a portable printer and barcode scanner. the idea is to be able to update main frame on real time as delivery is effected. 

Desktop applications are independent of the network  compared to web apps and mobile apps

Mobile Traffic ticketing

The system could be used for Mobile traffic ticketing for traffic offences and verification of information. Traffic offence is issued and offence is logged real time on the main system. System is used to check licencie data and issue physical ticket using portable printer.

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