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Inovosystems has developed Android mobile apps for south african businesses and consumers. According to a variety of studies and stat releases (vodacom, statcounter ) android users are well about 70% of the users in south africa. Given this fact here in south africa it is natural for users and entrepreneurs to prioritize the development and deployment of their android mobile app first in south africa. As a south african android mobile app development company it is also important for us to have a separate section on our workflow and marketing to have a section for android mobile app development in south africa. Our android mobile app development services in south africa include design and development of android mobile apps for android OS devices including but not limited to smartphones and tablets, wearables, cameras, Digital media players and game consoles.


Android Mobile app business concepts

Do you have a business concept based on mobile apps? we can build you an android mobile app with necessary backend software, dashboards and database to give you idea life. We provide a strict non disclosure agreements and best practice policy implementations. 

Android based enterprise solutions

We have deployed a couple of enterprise solutions that make use of a specialized android mobile app as part of an enterprise solution. Specialised android mobile apps offer a great mobility components to enterprise solutions with minimum investment cost and great functionality including in the area of IoT and big data.  

Specialized Android programing and IoT

Harness the possibility that come with the mobility and mobile device functionalities. If your business is in need of automation or that you are introducing IoT in to your business Android for IoT programing is one of the field you need to research on. Talk to one of our engineers they will set you in the right path.  

Why you should partner with us for your android mobile app development 

Android Mobile App solution for business in south africa

Considering the popularity of android platform in south africa and the variety of industries that can make use of the platform we have made sure our android development is the best in the southern hemisphere. 

we have a dedicated team for android programing that service the design and development of android mobile apps, android based devices development and backend solutions in south africa.

Here are two main reasons why you should let us do your Android development 

We have deployed complicated Android projects Successfully

Android mobile apps and specialized android based software has enable us to design and develop mobile components of different devices and integrate them to enterprise intelligent systems. Be it simple data capture systems or complicated sensor hosting we have done it before.  

We don't see android development as simple mobile app programing

To us android development is more than just a mobile app development for google play. We have developed android based systems, IoT and other handheld devices. We are fully conversant with (Most of Android APIs are readily exposed to be called from Java) we have done projects using C and C++ apps using the Android Native Development Kit (NDK) and C# on xamarin.

We are a full stack software development company.

One aspect of mobile systems is that, what you see on google play and even on your android phone installed is just a mobile app. For that app to be fully functional it often needs a backend system which at least includes a database and web services. Inovosystems as a full stack software development company in south africa we  will handle your dabase development, web servies and dashboards and everything else that is needed for your application.

For a quality Android mobile app development service in South africa

Did we say we guarantee all our products for life?