Web applications MS Sharepoint, opensource such as joomla and ecomerce

Web Applications

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Online Applications for your Business 

We also provide back end development services for mobile app developers providing a solid back end programing along with cutting edge hosting and experimentation infrastructure to configure and host as needed. 

Talk to one of our engineers today and find out more about our offer. One of us will consult you on how to transform your business and take advantage of Web based applications for productivity and growth

Our CoreServices

We develop Web Applications, customize and integrated Online Applications for small businesses, corporates, local governments, municipalities and parastatals.  Content management systems, e commerce, microsoft sharepoint are few of the examples we can mention.

Custom development of Enterprise online solutions for specific Business solutions, cut and dusted according to your your business needs, security level and user control. These online system are developed in-house according to your specification and maintained for you free of charge for as long as their life span. 

We also provide Top-Notch, Managed or Unmanaged hosting infrastructure dedicated Exclusively for our development customers Only.

web application development, agile development style

websites, portals and e-commerce

Gone are those days were a website use to be a collection of html pages - a digital copy of your brochures. Websites are nowadays a functional admin-secretary that take calls, convey messages to different mobile devices, schedule appointments and  a lot more. Your website is the center of your digital platform strategy and we can't emphasize how important it is to have your site planned and developed properly.

As part of our digital platform strategy for our clients we often consult clients about their website , analyze the existing website and give reports concerning issues such as mobile strategy, search engine optimization, user experience, page and information flow and other analytics. 

One other crucial point is the issue of security and safety of your system and users, this can not be emphasised enough. the balance between permissibility to the user and security is a very delicate balance that need to be planned and never an afterthought.  

Enterprise application (EA)

We offer enterprise application (EA) solutions for big corporates, government and medium sized companies to enable them optimize business processes, achieve efficiency and maximize value. These solutions are fairly large software systems composed of components and modules based on functional and feature architecture.

EAs are complex, scalable, component-based, distributed and mission critical as a result development and deployment requires meticulous digital platform planning and spec definition. Some of the solutions we have deployed include Document Management Systems (DMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), legal case management, Customer Relations Management systems (CRM), financial systems, project management systems and many others. 

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