Our Pricing/ business models 

Mobile App Development 

The need for a mobile app for your business or investing on your mobile app idea or concept is not the question at all, most of the time 'how much does a mobile app cost ?' is the most important question;  and of course how to finance it. The cost of developing a mobile app varies greatly depending on the type of the mobile app ( Android, iOS, Windows or cross platform) , development technology ( native, web app or hybrid), features and functionalities, the type and extent of backend programing, admin panel or dash board etc.  

We can not tell you how much it will cast you without the requirement analysis of your idea or concept but we can share our pricing model so that you be able to see how customer centric and cost effective our processes are.

Pricing structure for mobile app development

Once off payment

A price model for small and medium development works where clients pay the total amount after the signing of the proposal and software agreements. Examples of such projects include android mobile apps with static content and may be simple utility mobile apps ( see here what we call utility mobile app).  

Initial Deposit + milestone balancing

This is our most common pricing model , where clients are encouraged to pay 20% to 35% of the total development cost upon signing of software development agreement and the balance is distributed across the different milestones as per the agreement. This is suitable for medium and large mobile app developments which is usualy multi- phase and follows spiral development style. 

Initial deposit + monthly payments

In many cases where clients chose to make use of our enterprise hosting and cloud services we can transfer part of the development cost to the monthly usage of our infrastructure. This affords the client to avoid a large initial development investment. After the initial deposit of 20% to 35% the balance will be spread towards the life time of the contract which usually runs 24 to 36 months. 

Equity financing

We try to provide equity financed development services on few selected projects that fall with in our or that of our partners investment portfolio. Basically how this works is that we provide the services of mobile app development for greatly reduced price or for free in exchange of an equity on your mobile app business. 

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