IoT enabled tracking solutions 

Vehicle, personal & Digital devices

Accurate tracking Solutions with the latest technology



Tracking industry is changing very fast, with the advancement of  IoT technology and big data concepts tracking solutions are now delivering more than just location of your vehicle or valuables. 

We have integrated quality tracking devices to our backend system to deliver IoT enabled tracking solutions that can be employed to do telematics, big data analysis for fleet management, anomaly detection and a lot more.

Vehicle tracking and telematics

Our vehicle tracking and telematics solution is highly integrated hardware-software solutions that is IoT enabled cutting edge technology. It is built on top of efficient backend software that make use of complex algorithms for big data analysis and anomaly detection.  The system  enables you to  read parameters and variables in the vehicle send commands, monitor and control vehicle from remote location. 

Digital devices tracking solution

Have you ever lost a phone and you cant do anything to get your data back? find out where it is ? where we have a solution for you ! with out tracking persistent embedded software, you can track your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop; delete your sensitive data remotely, backup or copy your data backup to your computer, locate your devices. Our technology make use of special software that is persistent even if the person wipe the device clean we will still track it. even if the hard disk is changed we will find it - don't ask us how.    

Personal trackers for child, elderly and valuable goods

Personal trackers nowadays are becoming very important with the parent worrying about their children's where abouts more than ever. We provide LBS and GPS based accurate tracking artifacts that you can provide to your children and elderly to be able to assist them when they are in trouble. We also provide it with panic buttons and other functionalities. Simply provide the device and download the Inovosystem app to start tracking your loved once.  



Water and dust proof


Internal storage of data & long life Internal battery


Self-diagnostic & Remote configurations


Tamper sensitive and IoT enabled

I never though there is anyone who would understand my idea so fast and so good that the development would be very smooth from the get go. It feels like these guys can read my mind !!!!! very happy will do business again !!!!
Johan van Rensburg
They say "Life doesn't offer guarantees..." I say, "Wait until you work with INOVO SYSTEMS..." Peace of mind is guaranteed by their development support teams. Thank you guys.
Mojela Gabriel Theko - miwix (Pty) Ltd.
We live in a world where "things" (appliances and such) have the ability to communicate with each other and make life easy in many ways. Inovosystems made this "easy" even easier with their innovative IOL technologies. Thank you for the hard work and out of the box thinking.
Arno Marais, Marion Group ( Pty) ltd
Best provider I’ve ever worked, will continue doing business - reviewed on Google;
Isaac Nyelele

Software / tracking platform


Role-rights based Admin portal ( mobile app & web interface)


Tracking and Monitoring


Remote Configuration of device & other IoT commands


Integration to other systems

Get Full control of your fleet

Don't you feel like monitor, control and manage your fleet and valuables from a mobile app?

Integrate your fleet management system for a holistic business intelligence

Have peace of mind about whereabouts of your loved one at a click of a button from a mobile phone app