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South africa 


Inovosystems is a technology company based in south africa. Through the years we have served Local government, municipalities, corporates and start up companies. Software development and design been at the heart of our technology offer we do provide consultancy in technology and deployment of Integrated systems. 

Our software development offer is a full spectrum offer including but not limited to design and development  of Mobile apps ( android, ios and Win), (web) applications , Desktop software, Database design,  websites and portals, firmware development,  design of integrated systems and IoT.

Backend software development and integration is one that make us famous  among mobile app and desktop application developers and freelance programmers where by we provide the backend infrastructure and development that makes their services complete and troubleshooting easy. 

We also provide Cloud Service that includes value added hosting services by default,  be it for your website, database  or online application making our services a full spectrum well harmonized and optimized to your own specification. As you can see we provide a full range of software and technology development service, what's more is that all development is done by in-house skill. 

Mobile app development

Mobile App Development

We develop Android, iOS and windows mobile apps for smart phones, tablets and specialized devices. Our winning formula is not just cool mobile app but our dedicated support structure that monitor and optimize performance of all our development products. 

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Custom software development, desktop applications

Custom Software Development

We develop custom software or bespoke software for customers or organization that wish to address specific Mission critical goal of the business that could not be addressed by other commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, or existing free software.

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Web applications

We develop a variety of online applications such as customer relations management systems (CRM), Enterprise Resource planning (ERP), legal and financial systems, integrated online application, MS sharepoint development, Content management customization  etc... 

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Back-end Development

We develop back-end software (application, webservice and database ) that drives your mobile app, desktop or web  application for businesses and organization and other mobile app designers who would want to benefit from our infrastructure and cloud services. 

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