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Inovosystems is a full stack software design and development company  based in south africa that provides professional software development services of Mobile Apps ( android, ios and Win), Web applications, Desktop software, Database design, Integrated systems and IoT design and development.


Transparent Software development process & measurable project goals 

Inovosystems have been developing software solutions for startups, small and medium businesses and corporate as well as local government and Non-for-profit organizations in the whole continent of Africa since 2012. 

We specialize in software development of mobile apps, desktop software, web applications, back-end software and database design and development, and IoT software development.  We use a standard and transparent development procedures and provide 24/7 support for all our products.

Customer in control

Strong approval and documentation emphasis where every release is analysed against the objectives of the mobile app, desktop or web application in time at every cycle

Customer can see a beta version of product early

Each cycle produces a version a client can see and evaluate. This enables clients to use the objectives check list to track the development from early on.

inovosystems- software development (mobile app, desktop custom software) web

Software Development - Enterprise systems, Mobile apps, web applications, Specialized Desktop Applications, IoT software, Integration and upscaling software works. Area of Speciality


Mobile Software Development

Mobile apps are indispensable business tools. Inovosystems is at the forefront of Mobile-First-Strategy specializing in Mobile software development. Be it a stand-alone Mobile app with a back end software solution or as part of Enterprise Software solution that also offers a mobile interface we have a solution for you. We have developed numerous Mobile Apps for android, iOS, Windows and other specialized devices.

Enterprise Web Applications

Development of web applications , enterprise and integrated online application software, is one of our specialties. We provide software development services for web applications as a form of a back-end software for mobile apps or desktop software or fully fledged Enterprise online systems with multiple tiers. We also pride our selves for the staining front-end user interfaces, with eloquent designs and user friendly software products.

Database Design and development

Most, if not all, web applications you see out there are database driven nowadays. Ranging from Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, FireBase, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB or DB2 etc what ever your requirement is we have the solution for you. Inovosystems is one of the few software development companies in South Africa that puts special emphasis on database design and development. For efficient and robust application be it mobile software or web application you need the well designed database and back-end software.

IoT Software Development

Internet of things is no longer an add-on of fancy thing any more. It is becoming an important part of business productivity and automation. We specialize in providing the software development services for these IoT projects; ranging from back-end software, database development to the communications(Web service, Socket Programming etc...) and interfaces ( desktop applications, web application - front-end, mobile apps or API).
Mobile app development

Mobile App Development

Inovosystems is a software development company that provides design and development of Mobile apps, for Android, iOS and windows mobile platforms for smartphones, tablets and specialized devices. We believe any software development should make provisions for mobility. Mobility should not come as an after thought but rather as a strategy.  

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Custom software development, desktop applications

Custom Software Development

Inovosystems is a full stack software development company that offer custom software development be it mobile, desktop or web based applications, mobile app admin panels, dashboards and more.

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Web applications

We provide Software development services for all kinds of web applications ranging from the humble Website all the way to the complicated integrated enterprise web applications. These includes developmetn and customization of web portals, ERP systems , legal and financial systems,CRM, MS sharepoint development, Content management customization  and more

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Back-end Development

Without back-end software your mobile app, desktop or web  application is not complete; hence our full stack software development services as a company make us suitable for your projects. 

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Why you should consider inovosystems

for your

software development needs


In-house software and mobile app developers

In-house skills

We don't outsource to offshore companies to reduce cost. We have our own skill pool. 


All our software developments follow modular architecture to enable scalability, update and upgrade with our business disruption. 

quality assurance

Quality assurance

We have dedicated testing and monitoring platforms for all our software development products. Support and preventive maintenance come standard. 

mobile app, desktop software and web app security


Whether it is a mobile app, desktop software or web application, security is not an afterthought, Security modules are part of our planning phase.

update and support of developed mobile apps and software


Our support team are run by developers, technologists and designer. You will get first hand support and consultancy from the creators of the software.

Regular Automated Updates

As part of preventive maintenance and support plan we monitor for any ecosystem (os or security) changes and updates to update your systems on time.

Software Deployed - Enterprise systems, Mobile apps, web applications, Specialized Desktop Applications, IoT software, Integration and upscaling software works ... you name it .... Some of the Software developed and deployed successfully

They trusted us you can too Who trusts us

I never though there is anyone who would understand my idea so fast and so good that the development would be very smooth from the get go. It feels like these guys can read my mind !!!!! very happy will do business again !!!!
Johan van Rensburg
They say "Life doesn't offer guarantees..." I say, "Wait until you work with INOVO SYSTEMS..." Peace of mind is guaranteed by their development support teams. Thank you guys.
Mojela Gabriel Theko - miwix (Pty) Ltd.
We live in a world where "things" (appliances and such) have the ability to communicate with each other and make life easy in many ways. Inovosystems made this "easy" even easier with their innovative IOL technologies. Thank you for the hard work and out of the box thinking.
Arno Marais, Marion Group ( Pty) ltd
  • STS approved Online Electricity Vending system.

    STS approved Online Electricity, Water, Gas and Time Vending Software;  packed with various applications and tools such as Revenue Protection Application, Data Analysis Software, Meter and Customer Management Software and much more that are valuable to municipalities and utilities. 

    The system Comes with Mobile apps (Android and iOS), Vending website, Hand held devices and self service terminals. 

    for more information please navigate to our Software products Here.

  • IoT Enabled, South African Mining Pollution Monitoring system

    IoT Enabled, South African Mining industry Pollution Monitoring system; in collaboration with the Central University of Technology Free state. 

    Pollution Monitoring System comes with Mainframe software that comprises of database and backed application, Mobile App ( Android ) for supervisors and field worker and a magical sensor hardware that communicate data directly to the system for analysis and presentation.  

  • Field Data Capture System

    Field Data Capture System is a very versatile system that can be used by auditors, engineers, technicians, security personnel, data captures  and everyone else who deal with field data and Auditing.

    System is made up of a central robust software application that serves as the mainframe and numerous client software applications that may be installed on mobile devices.    

    for more information please navigate to our Software products Here.

  • USSD Portal - Need to drive data via USSD ?

    Whether you running a competition om mobile phones, or using it to provide service to consumers you will need an efficient back-end software that enables you to serve your clients with menus/ options, messages and data.

    USSD portal is one such system you can use. The back-end software can also be extended for further data operations and integration with other systems.

    for more information please navigate to our Software products Here.

  • RFID - Library Inventory and Control System

    This is by far the most advanced and IoT enabled system, with Central Library Control software that speaks to numerous hand held devices and s caners that read and interpret RFID tag signals (HF and UHF). 

    It comes with smart collection bins that report to Central Library control software automatically location and other details.

    for more information please navigate to our Software products Here.

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