They though we are Magicians, wen we start talking things of the future! I love this software it makes me feel powerful!!! 

Thabo, Maletet

Managing Director

Thabo, Maletet

Put your data under the microscope water and electricity consumption analysis

Put your water and electricity consumption data under the microscope

DATA is king they say ! do you know the water and consumption data is not just financial information? It tells the story, a beautiful story!  how the community is growing, how the businesses are doing where the municipality or district is going and what are the crucial activities on the area what time of the year and how fast is the population and activity growing .... We can say a lot more that sound like magic. 

Real time data analysis with triggers and bells

Auzo consumption data analysis system comes with all pre-set and configurable triggers and bells that alert you and communicate with you in half a doze ways to let you know that data and pattern is shifting to one or the other direction. it monitors read time data of water and electricity consumption for you 24/7 while you are busy with other things that matter.  

mobile app for electricity vending system

build with the most sophisticated anomaly detection and machine learning Algorithms.

Auzo water and electricity consumption analysis software is built and packed with the most advanced anomaly detection and machine learning algorithms, data bots and other efficient data tools to crunch big data in a matter of milliseconds to provide real time data analysis and elucidation of patterns and trends.  

Wide application and flexible deployment

Auzo Water and electricity consumption analysis software has being used successfully in project such as revenue protection for municipalities and utilities, urban planning, marketing and transport strategic studies. 

By design Auzo water and electricity consumption software is flexible and very adaptable to the very industry you want to your it.  

water and electricity consumption data analysis system
extensive API for third party integrations

Extensive API

Auzo is developed with the help of users and decision makers to suit them make informed decisions  on matters that affect tens of thousand of lives if not millions. the complexity and bulky ness of the data generated by utilities and municipalities are crunched and resolved in to usable meaningful information in a matter of few minutes. 

Moreover the benefit of being able to see a glimpse of the future is at your fingertips which is aided by the all powerful machine learning algorithm. 

Comprehensive Big data analysis software General description

Cryptography services Business model

Vending system development


Over the years we have been developing vending systems for municipalities and utilities who would wants to have their own vending system with a support technology partner, corporates who would like to provide the vending system to their clients and some startup businesses who would like to grow their business in the industry. We provide the development service and get it tested and approved by STS under your company name. once approved by your self then we train your staff and provide behind the scene support for the lifetime of the system.    

customization of iVend prepaid electricity vending system


iVend is a ready made online vending system packed with functionalities and features. Depending on your objectives we can customize the system and produce you a licenced, tested and approved version that you can deploy for your project. You will own the livence of that specific version and all its vending certificates (STS ) under your company name.

ivend hosted system

Hosted Vending system

This is where we anchor you to the existing iVend online vending system with minimal changes. The system consists of all the basic functionalities and is suitable for smaller projects such as small municipalities, gated estates , and property management companies. 

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