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Inovosystems, as a full stack software development company provides windows mobile app development as much as other platforms. Despite the believe that windows mobile apps do not have as much market share as android mobile apps and iOS, It is our observation that having a windows version of your mobile app system increases your market reach significantly. 

Avalibility of your business on all platforms

One of the important factors that you need to consider on your mobility strategy is that it has to be inclusive and you should avoid excluding potential customers. Not only because windows apps still have a good market share but also the fact that you are catering for everybody is a strong marketing statement.  

windows mobile app for business

Still have large business users

As much as the number of windows mobile devices are relatively low in the market, it is very interesting to see the usage is still significant especially enterprises and big businesses.  Windows based enterprise solutions usually include windows mobile apps by default and customers and user are much more versant with the windows ecosystem. 

Specialized mobile devices

Windows mobile has being used for specialized mobile devices that include scanners, readers and PDAs long before the popularity of android and iOS. These devices run on windows mobile (compact .net) such as windows CE, windows 7 and windows 10, and the new windows IoT. Windows app development come handy in these cases. 

Inovosystems have a rich experience with windows development, design of systems and integration works

Windows Mobile App design and development

Inovosystems is a full stack software design and development company, provides the development of all windows mobile app solutions, including the backend or server software and databases and the front end (UI and UX). Our programmers are versant with microsoft tools and products including Xamarin, visual studio for C#, C++, Xaml and generally with all .Net technology. 

Windows app development as part of your mobile app system

Having a windows mobile app as part of your mobile app system, in addition to android mobile apps and iOS mobile app, to cater for customer that use windows mobile device is not just wise business decision but have its perks in terms of your business image and good business management.

Windows mobile app development for specialized devices & IoT

While the development of iOS mobile apps and may be the backend software may take shorter time compared to Android mobile app development mainly due to the testing phase the rigorous apple approval policies and issuing of certificates needs good management. Hence we consider this in our planing and manage the whole process from planing to the production. 

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