Back-end development 

Server side software development for apps, desktop software and web applications 

Back-end Applications

For mobile apps, desktop software and Web applications 

Back end software or sometimes referred as mainframe is the most overlooked part of development definition. Mostly developers conclude that clients don't need to know or is too technical for customer and will confuse your sales pitch. Frankly it is kind of does confuse people.

Well what you see when you type in is the front end. It is all nice and beautiful, the truth is that you only looking at the template which is filled in by the data (in this case text and images) that was prepared by a software that sits at the back office and responds to your touch. That is the backend software. 

The front end could be a mobile app, website, web application, or even a desktop application with a mainframe integration takes commands from the user and convey it to the backend , and takes data from backend and present it to the user some times with a little bit more processing or logic.

The backend system is made up of a server, an application, and a database.  these components are then configured and programed to serve the front end. 

We develop configure and deploy back end systems

Backend for mobile & desktop apps

Backend for mobile & desktop apps

Do you need to integrate your app or desktop application to a database or another system crucial for your business? you are in the right place dro us a line today we will love to help.

backend development for designers

Backend for Mobile app designers

Are you an app designer, freelance developer, good with interface and don't want the hustle of development environment and infrastructure ? it is time! contact us now  to partner and bring your work to life in no time.

Integrated digital platform

Integrated digital platform

Does your organization have all the right mobile apps and software but is still nerve racking to make anything work without extra effort? Fragmented deployment often cost more time and effort and are prone to  human errors. Let us give you an integrated digital platform that seamlessly look like your organization.

Have you tried Auzo cloud based data master?

Or perhaps you would like us to develop your own back end application?