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 Cross platform Mobile Apps - one development - one management 



Inovosystems is a full stack software development company that offers design and development of Cross Platform Mobile Apps for faster deployment of complete set of all well known platforms and easier management of mobile systems. Cross Platform Mobile apps are generally low cost to build and deploy and easier to manage especially if your mobile apps are expected to change from time to time and do not require to exploit platform specific features that much.

As a full stack software development company we have all the experience and skill to design and develop your Cross Platform Mobile Apps for android, iOS and windows platform with ease. Our experience goes beyond the frontend UI and UX, we will handle you back end software, database and web services plus your control panel or dashboards as well.


Cross Platform mobile app development - cost saving

Cost effective

Cross Platform Mobile apps are build with a single project and single development for all ( usually Android, iOS and Windows ) platforms. It is one development project and 'one deliverable'. Hence the development time is considerable sharter which may end in lower development cost. 

Cross Platform Mobile App development -  easy maintenance

Easy management

Following from the previous point, Cross Platform Mobile App development is managed from a single project and usually is managed and maintained as a single project. For example updates are released as a single update schedule and do not have to update each platform separately. 

Cross Platform Mobile app development - faster to market

Faster Market reach

In native Mobile App development, each platform is developed and released to users in separate phases. Depending on the market share and project goals one may chose to develop and release Android first followed by iOS and so on. With cross Platform Apps all the three platforms are released at the same time ensuring the coverage of the market from the start of the launch.  

Why would you partner with us for your Cross Platform Mobile app

Cross Platform Mobile App solution for business 

Cross Platform Mobile Apps usually do not take full advantage of the mobile devices' specific features. However a cross platform apps are ideal business solution if your mobile app is expected to change more often and that the features required to be used by customers are basic mobile phone features.

If this sounds sound to your business goals you are reading the right page.

Inovosystems as a full stack software development company have got your back and we give you two main reasons why you should consider us for your cross platform mobile app development. 


Extensive development and testing infrastructure

Cross Platform Mobile App development requires an extensive development ecosystem setup and good knowledge of each platforms. This enable us to develop a cross platform mobile apps which are native in each respective platform and avoid using software generated mobile apps that are not flexible enough for your business.

excellent combination of technology

Cross Platform Mobile apps differ in architecture and extent of integration depending on the platform they are built on, technology and programing language. We are conversant with phonegap, xamarin, Appcelerator Titanium, NativeScript and few more; we will deliver your project with the right technology.   

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