Frequently asked questions

  • What is the process of you creating me a mobile app for phones

    It is simple really, you tell us what you want we build. O wait you get to test it and test it again till you happy

  • Do I get invoices

    yes you do 

  • Do i get to test it before it is finalized

    Yes of course 

  • I have an old software that i need to extend or update can you help me

    It all depends, if you have the source code or you have API sure we can but if it is from a developer that you can't reconnect with, there is very little we can do.  however contact us with the details we can suggest solutions. 

  • I have IoT idea that i want to implement is this something you can do?

    Yes very much so! please don't hesitate to contact us 

    NB. we are more than happy to sign non - disclosure agreement to protect your idea 

  • Do you design websites

    Yes we do 

  • What is native mobile app

    Native apps are mobile apps that are designed or created specifically for the platform. android apps are designed for devices that use android operating system and iOS apps are designed for iOS operating system ( iphones )

  • What is Web App

    Strictly speaking web app is any web application or software program that runs on a web server. however, in the sense of a mobile app, web app are mini websites that are designed for mobile devices usually using html 5 and java.