Practical business solutions using IoT



 @inovosystems we like to see things for what they are and remove the myth from the reality and make sure we own the purpose than the definition of the matter. We have been developing Embedded systems for a while now but with the advancement of quality microprocessors and components it felt like explosion of light in our industry.

Join us and see what we can do for your business or what we can create from the bulb in your head that keeps going on brighter everyday.



Embedded Systems

All these devices are capacitated with a little bit of programing that sits in the microchips on the hardware. Embedded systems are of a some specific task more often for a single action and reaction scenarios and allowing the system hardware to be simplified to reduce costs.

Specialized mobile device programing

Specialize mobile devices are hand held devices used for specific task such as scanning radio frequency for RFID tags, environmental data captured and other devices equipped with sensors and measurement equipments. 

Hardware & PBC design

We do Schematic capture and simulation and  PCB Layout design (Single layer to Multi-layer up to 16 layers, through-hole, SMT). Moreover we offer Design modification and optimization to enable retrofitting and IoT integrations. Be it Orcad, KiCad, Eagle or Target3001 we got it all under our belt

Real life business solutions using IoT 

Talk about the 4th industrial revolution! Nowadays, simple things we use in our daily life are becoming smarter and smarter, our microwaves have multiple programming we set to warm our food, to cook, you can tell the microwave what the food is and it will set the optimum amount of heating, washing machines, light bulbs, cars and even dog toys are coming with some intelligence. Most of these devices have embedded little scripts that tell the hardware to do this or that depending on physical input. Once we incorporate a sensor and communication to these devices then they become more intelligent and can consume data from the internet, talk to other devices or receive commands from other devices. This is simple Internet of things (IoT).

Manufacturing and machinery Automations

We have done a couple of projects on retrofitting of old machinery where we use sensors, data analysis software and smart modules to send command to machineries depending on the data input from sensors. This has enabled manufacturers to use machinery efficiency and maintenance. 

Automated Data capture and utilization

Agricultural and ecological data is the basis of crucial decision in many sectors and industries, collecting this data and analysing it in real time gives businesses the edge in business. IoT solutions with extensive input sensors and capable software can use of this data practical for farmers and other relevant professionals.   

RFID based book self check in bin

Meet some of our recent IoT products

Apart from developing IoT solutions for our esteemed clients we have packages some products for you to pick, order customization and use. Here are two of our famous products.

RFID based library managment system

RFID based library management system

Our RFID based solutions have being applied to inventory control, logistics, stock and access control. One such product is our RFID based library management system. We have developed a smart bin to check in books remotely using IoT solution.   

field data capture system

AuZo integrated data master is a versatile field data capture and analysis system. It is composed of mobile apps, devices with various sensors and measurement tools and above all a robust back end data software capable of crunching  huge data input in real time.   

You think IoT is too far for your business?

Let us bring it to your door steps, it is real and is making difference in business productivity