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Are you in the industry of logistics and retail? or perhaps warehousing services, storage management? Archive and Document management services? Wholesales ? 

Or simply o you get overwhelmed when you want to find something in your warehouse storage and had to scan barcodes all day long? 

Go no further we have a solution for you ! Cost effective, practical, secure  and easy to integrate to your existing inventory systems!

Fast and simplified operations

Daily work flow of a librarian includes, among other things, checking in and out of books for readers. Using RFID, we can read all the information on the book tag and check it in our out instantaneously it  can be read from RFID tags much faster than from barcodes and that we can do this for several books in a stack  at the same time.

Cost effective

RFID based library management system integrates the security tagging ( Electromagnetic strips - EM) and library classification information tag ( barcode) into single RFID tag, the RFID tag is then used for checking in/out of the book and security at the gates. Moreover RFID tags are  said to have life expectancy of 50 years and withstand 100,000 transactions ( memory re-write). this makes replacement of a tag very infrequent activity in the lifetime of the book. 

Automated and integated

Our RFID based Library management system is one of our IoT enabled technology where by it incorporates smart book drop bin, which enables self check in operation. When a reader returns a book on book drop bin, it will read the RFID tag, connect to the system and check the book in as returned. These Book Drops can be deployed locally in the library or remotely in schools, shopping malls, box office or even out on the street in a secured book drop kiosk.

Unparalleled fast inventory

As a unique feature of RFID systems, the shelf management component of the RFID based Library management system have the ability to scan books on the shelves for inventory purposes without tipping them out or removing them. A hand-held inventory reader can be moved rapidly across a shelf of books to read all of the unique identification information. Using wireless technology, it is possible not only to update the inventory, but also to identify items which are out of proper order.

Shelf management solutions using IoT 

How many times did you wish that you have done the inventory so that you can decide what to do? or how many times did you feel like you are losing control and felt the chill in your spin? 

Here is what we offer you, Grab your RFID enabled handheld device and walk around your warehouse and let our IoT solution do the counting and calculation for you. 

Literally you will have your inventory done in minutes! no more stock taking day, no more estimates and most of all no more expensive inventory operation. 

RFID based book self check in bin

Meet some of our recent IoT products

Apart from developing IoT solutions for our esteemed clients we have packages some products for you to pick, order customization and use. Here are two of our famous products.

RFID based library managment system

RFID based library management system

Our RFID based solutions have being applied to inventory control, logistics, stock and access control. One such product is our RFID based library management system. We have developed a smart bin to check in books remotely using IoT solution.   

field data capture system

AuZo integrated data master is a versatile field data capture and analysis system. It is composed of mobile apps, devices with various sensors and measurement tools and above all a robust back end data software capable of crunching  huge data input in real time.   

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