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Android mobile app development is basically development of mobile app for android OS devices. Although the first devices that come to mind are smartphones and tablets like Samsung galaxy, Google Nexus, HTC and blackberry (new one ) there are many other devices that use android as a platform. Especially in the category of wearables, cameras, Digital media players and game consoles  one will find many devices that use android platform. 


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As you can see above android as a platform is very versatile and is been used in different products and technologies. Moreover it can be used to create dynamic mobile apps for smartphones and tablets for multipurpose mobile apps utilizing the multitasking capability of android platform. 

Ample testing environment

Relatively speaking, from the developer point of view and the management of mobile app solutions android provides a very good testing environment, tools and modell of source code. This eventually gets interpreted to a better quality for the user and entrepreneur. 

Faster access to market place

When compared with iOS android app get approved and released to the market place much faster and easier. This ease of publishing the mobile app can make all the difference out there in the marketplace especially with the fast growing migration to mobility. 

Why you should partner with us for your android mobile app development 

Android Mobile App solution for business 

Considering the popularity of android platform and the devices that run on the platform having your mobile app done for the android platform is a very wise move. We provide native android mobile app design and development with a strong backend custom applications including databases and web service, mobile app admin dashboard for your analytics and mobile app configuration. The admin dashboard can be provided as a windows desktop application or web application accessed via web browser. 

Here are two main reasons why you should let us do your Android development 

Pre-existing well optimized backend applications

Through the past projects and, our Research and Development we have a wealth of modules and classes that we can simply customize and deploy for your project. This enable us to give you a custom made backend application without reinventing the wheel. Moreover, our datacenter and application infrastructures are well optimized to handle regular updates, preventive maintenance and security updates by default. 

Fast turn around time

You probably wondering why we claim that. We have developed android based systems, IoT and other handheld devices. We are fully conversant with (Most of Android APIs are readily exposed to be called from Java) we have done projects using C and C++ apps using the Android Native Development Kit (NDK) and C# on xamarin.

For a quality Android mobile app development service

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