Software development like any other project is greatly affected by the relationship between the Software developers and the client. Be it Mobile app, Desktop software, web application or a 5 liner simple script that a software developer have to write for a client, at the end of the day are the final products that are given to the client. However, to get there the developer goes through some rabbit holes  that the client is usually not aware of. We all understand and are always thirsty for some transparency from our government, leaders and our politicians.  Go figure ! But what has transparency go to do with Software development, between software development companies / freelance software developer and clients? 


Mobile websites are simply websites designed with mobile first strategy. The biggest difference between responsive website and a mobile website is that mobile websites are actually designed for mobile devices and of course desktop user are put into consideration. However today i don't want to talk about having responsive website vs to mobile website that,  perhaps is for another day. 

My issue for today is mobile websites vs Mobile apps; be it native, hybrid or cross platform mobile apps ( see types of mobile apps here ). Well I spend a considerable time of my day defining mobile app designs and writing proposals if i am not making one. Most of my conversation consists of how important is to have a mobile app and how it can help clients business. Don't get me wrong it is all true. However there are few considerations and situations why you should chose a mobile website and not a mobile app. Here are some few pointers why and when to chose a mobile websites over a mobile app. 

I have clients that spent their last year’s festive season with me – well almost - because they were calling me and texting me to get their mobile apps out before January ; their website done and/or getting their software ready for the staff by January 14th. It is hectic to spend the long nights at the office while people are getting ready for fun.  Quite frankly I don’t mind it as long as I get to create that pride and earn myself a reason to celebrate.

Just before I start writing this blog I pulled a list of the development projects we did last year during this time up to December 20th. . I went to the websites, ecommerce web portals, desktop applications  and mobile apps; and check them one by one.

It got me thinking these clients of ours they probably could have used the money for a nice holiday somewhere and enjoyed themselves.  They would have nice photos and good memories but that is about it.  

Don’t get me wrong after a hectic year of up and down, one needs to rewind and it is very important, it’s not like you are wasting your money however with the current economic situations and the need to catch up with technology one also needs to guarantee the future of his/her business.

So dear reader here is my 3 things i think is worth setting a budget before you go to your holiday to secure future of your business.

Birth of your Idea: Mobile app? Website? ecommerce?

 One client said to me “Look this is an idea I have been caring for very long time and I am going to use the money for my extended holiday  so don’t mess it up …”.

It is true there is that idea that you want to implement and every time you see someone with similar idea you kick yourself and punch your face. You even talk about it to your friends how you have everything figured out but never get to do it. Believe me I have fair share of my own in that regard. You only realize how valuable your idea is when you see it implemented by someone else.

Especially those who want to implement mobile app or get a web site, ecommerce site or a software to automate your business operations, it is not as expensive as it looks and complicated as it feels.

Is it possible to see the festive season as the birth of your idea that is going to fund all the future festive seasons?  Or is it too much to ask?  

Go to where your customers stay, play and pay Transforming your business

The market have moved, it is out there in the clouds and people are adapting to the ‘new world order’. Some just check your website and mobile apps before calling you or before they spend petrol money and time to come to you. Some,  they do their business online, they order and pay online.  Others they need more than just the list of you services and products, they want the reviews and comments about your business online. What do people say about you? What is your digital presence and foot print?

I would say this is something you can’t afford to lose. The festive season is the right time to include that mobile app you always wanted for your business, or upgrade your website so that it matches the quality services you provide, add payment gateways to your portal, optimize your website so that it can rank in search engines or get it to be mobile friendly so that people can visit you from their mobile devices.   

Find a good technology partner tell them to sweat it while you are away and implement it fresh from the oven and wow your customers. If you don't have a website get one now, if it is not responsive (mobile friendly ) get it to play well with the mobile world. if you have basic website and is not making you money now is the time to get it up and running so that you can play with your peers.  


Take advantage of the specials

Just like the retailers and entertainers technology companies, software development companies, mobile app development companies and website design and development companies give out specials too. At inovosystems we are giving specials on android app development, iOS development, website design, ecommerce development and other software works. Check it out and see if it suits your plan. One thing I can guarantee you is that we may have met in this festive session but it will never be a summer affair at all. Our strength in keeping clients is proven we will be there to support and guarantee our products.

Last but not least here is my offer to you 

We are running a special for all projects we can finish before the end of the 20th of december we are giving out 25% off. All you have to do is share the article and send us an email.  


With the advancement of mobile development and mobile apps the word android has become synonymous with android phones and mobile apps phones and tablets. It all begin with the operating system android released by Google developed for touch screen mobile devices. This being for smart phones and tablets, Google didn’t really stop there they developed Android TV ( televisions) , Android Auto ( cars), Android Wear ( wearables) and many other variants for devices and applications with a specialized user interface such as cameras, notebooks and game and specialize devices. Android was unveiled in 2007 and the first android based mobile device was released to market in 2008 with android as an operating system. Now android as an operating system taken over the market of mobile devices ranging from smart phones to specialized mobile devices. At the core of android principle is what we call direct manipulation of user interface where by user can interact with what they see on the screen by touch, gesture and swiping, pinching, expanding, tapping etc . These touch inputs have made the interaction of users very close to real live actions and brought the usability and initiative interface a higher level.

I am a programmer, I develop software. I have done mobile apps, desktop software and web applications. I have developed system and I have integrated and customized many enterprise systems.

Most of the time I look for business operation that can be improved by using software and or a combination of software and hardware whatever tickles it.
I many instances I do replace a tedious manual operation done by someone all day every day, I create a software and boom all they need to do is press a button and they are done for the day. In most instances given the right ecosystem and good integration strategy I may even replace that click of button with an auto execute mode where there is event that satisfy the condition the software executes the command without you telling it.  

A while a go there use to be insurance brokers who go around and collect insurance quotations and advise you on the best cost effective package. They built their career on that and raised their children. Now a days there are online engines that do the comparison, provide you reliable information in fraction of second.
In social occasions, with friends we often discuss about robots taking our jobs away. We often laugh it off; but it is not as quite far-fetched as it would  sound when you say “we will have a robot maid that cleans a house” and another robot that “do the farming for us” and all that; hell you may even imagen a robot president that lead our country.

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How to choose mobile app developer

There was a time when people ask how do you find a mobile developer? Those days are long gone. Today, you get developers every corner of the web which is good for the industry i must say, including the rapid development platforms that pop up every week the customer is spoiled for choice. The important question is though who is the best for my business or idea? Here, I am going to share with you some few tips I learned through the years of my experience as a developer. Consider it as a leak from the developers’ community. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that encompasses all internet-enabled sensors and devices connected to a network. While IoT referred to as little as RFID chips in the early 2000s, the concept has significantly evolved in the recent years and is now on its way to revolutionizing the businesses of today. A smartphone with an IoT mobile app is a simple example of an IoT application and we can see how ubiquitous it has become in society today. Now, there is an entire range of small and low-cost devices under development that will help automate a number of data sensitive business tasks over the Internet.

I discuss and engage clients about all kinds of mobile app ideas almost daily, the app concept, the app design, the app business model etc.  I will get to it but first let me say a word about the app entrepreneurs. If there is anything like that, it would be someone who comes with a concept for business using a mobile app. It could be any type of mobile app utility app, enterprise app or a game app. We have all witnessed how simple concept mobile apps have turned the market upside down and generate billions if not more for the inventors. Usually it all starts with “I can get a mobile app for that” and then follows with the famous question “how much does it cost to make an app?” which will be answered with a very dull unsatisfactory answer “it depends” and the process goes on till we get the wonder maker mobile app with all the bells and chimes.  I have the privilege of talking to many mobile app entrepreneurs here at inovosystems. Sometimes via chat or phone and sometimes in the boardroom. I want to share with you what I tell my clients.