Consultancy Revenue protection

Despite the wide spread of the challenge of electricity revenue  protection and all variety of solutions attempted to mitigate it, silver bullet solutions provided so far have proven to be futile and not effective. To make matters worse they are seen to complicate the problem further by encouraging sophisticated electricity theft due to the stand alone smart solutions deployed.

The understanding that is lucking in most cases is that lose of electricity revenue is the result of the total sum of different, sometimes, independent phenomenon that feed each other to make things unmanagable. Solutions that are deployed to mitigate single specific challenge tend to introduce a different but bigger challenge that more often requires a bigger budget or longer time to fix.

INOVOSYSTEMS (PTY) LTD along with its partners have designed a completely different approach to tackle this endemic by deploying three phased solution pack which was deployed on various municipalities and proven to bear fruits.

Our solution is composed of the following components that are integrated and fitted to deliver the maximum possible effect on the stated problem.

  1. Consumption data collection, field audit and Data analysis
  2. Policy and workflow analysis
  3. Deployment of integrated solutions and monitoring

Through the years what we have noticed is that the factors that eventually culminate to the problem vary greatly and are very intimate to the specific municipality and its residents. Depending on the area and setting of the municipality, the following are some of the main categories of challenges seen so far.

  1. Public awareness and Communication
  2. Business process engineering
  3. Disintegrated and decentralized consumer and other relevant data
  4. Electricity sales and Vending Points distribution and accessibility
  5. Luck of Stratified knowledge of the utilization of the available electricity
  6. Integration of technology and need analysis
  7. Scalability of technology
  8. Business process


Once studies are conducted and problems are identified, strategies are drown that enables the municipality to deploy Solutions that target the specific problems with cognizant the plans of the organization. The strategy gives a serious consideration to the following key factors of sustainability of solution and the overall business of the organization

  1. Scalability
  2. Future Dynamics of the problem
  3. Preventive analysis and business intelligence

More importantly, the strategy enables the municipality in institute revenue protection as a basic sustainable activity of the municipality (or a department with in the municipality ) rather than a single project

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