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Android and IOT projects - it is way more than just mobile app development

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With the advancement of mobile development and mobile apps the word android has become synonymous with android phones and mobile apps phones and tablets. It all begin with the operating system android released by Google developed for touch screen mobile devices. This being for smart phones and tablets, Google didn’t really stop there they developed Android TV ( televisions) , Android Auto ( cars), Android Wear ( wearables) and many other variants for devices and applications with a specialized user interface such as cameras, notebooks and game and specialize devices. Android was unveiled in 2007 and the first android based mobile device was released to market in 2008 with android as an operating system. Now android as an operating system taken over the market of mobile devices ranging from smart phones to specialized mobile devices. At the core of android principle is what we call direct manipulation of user interface where by user can interact with what they see on the screen by touch, gesture and swiping, pinching, expanding, tapping etc . These touch inputs have made the interaction of users very close to real live actions and brought the usability and initiative interface a higher level.

Apart from the new approach, the fact that android was an open source, Linux based development platform created a huge interest on hardware manufacturers and soon major hardware manufacturers start to use the operating system as their main platform.

Consequently, user programmers and software development companies took up android development with both hand to program a variety of solution for android based devices.

Although, mainly we are talking about smartphones and tablets, we have done applications for other specialized devices that ride on android such as game console, android TV and music boxes (Entertainment), home security and automations - we used raspberry pi hardware with android platform and created a home automation system for a client and more …

“field data collection system

One such product that enabled our clients to make the leap in the 4th industrial generation is the AuZo integrated data master. AuZo was developed for field data capture where by field workers can log and capture data which will be received from office via an online database. The system can also be configured to do data analysis and present results as the results trickle-in in real-time giving an edge to your operations and enabling users to make timely informed decisions.

One of the three components of the system is the mobile data capture software (mobile app) and through the years we have customized it to various clients’ use that range from deployment for android based mobile phones and tablets to RFID scanners, Electromagnetic field strength measurement tools, live inventory and audit devices, ecological and environmental monitoring devices that use different sensors as data input.

Another major application is development of control and monitoring modules (devices) for machineries and manufacturing sector. More often than not machineries operate on an optimal environment be it temperature, humidity, pressure or other variables that we can measure and optimize automatically so that to protect your machineries, improve productivity etc.


These being few examples of the applications, we are confident you have your own next idea that you would like to implement. Drop us a line we are only happy to serve you, we don’t believe in a well worked out idea, you will be surprised with what we can do with the little light bulb keep shining on the corner