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How to choose mobile app developer Featured

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There was a time when people ask how do you find a mobile developer? Those days are long gone. Today, you get developers every corner of the web which is good for the industry i must say, including the rapid development platforms that pop up every week the customer is spoiled for choice. The important question is though who is the best for my business or idea? Here, I am going to share with you some few tips I learned through the years of my experience as a developer. Consider it as a leak from the developers’ community. 

Does the programmer (company) Love the mobile app idea

I know what you going to say, "What has love got to do with it" I can tell you frankly that when I fall in love with your concept my creative juices flow easy and deadlines have got nothing on me. Yes it is my job and i will write the program my boss asked me to but it will take effort and I will be more technical and toe to toe if i don't feel your concept. Your mobile app will work perfectly and it will be one of my best but you will lose out on the creative things I would put forth and those little suggestion I would come up and ignite you every day. 

Does the programmer understand the purpose of the app he /she is creating

This is one of the common problems, understanding the business concept of the client is very different than what the clients' instructions are.  Whats is worst is the programmer develops his/her own assumed business concept from the clients description. This is tricky part, sometimes when a client describes a mobile app or a system it ignites some fresh idea and exiting concept in the programmer. Mind you this is not about your mobile app it is about another version of what you describing to him/her . If you agree with the new outlook the programmer envisaged it is fine and good but if it not you are in trouble it may cost you time in the form of corrections and editions and may be money too.

Does the programmer have the skill, experience and the will to build the mobile app

With the variety of technology available usually one technology is better with some implementation than the other, and programmers we all have our fly time and drag time when it comes to one or the other technology. But you as a customer would not know that of course. It is not unusual for a programmer to use a language (programming language ) that he/she is more comfortable with than the one that is relatively better (proper) for your project. As hard as it may be to tell for you as a client look in to the profile and past work, the more diversified the work the more conversant the company or programmers are the better it is for you. This also sips down to the capacity of the programmer supporting you once the mobile app is out there in the market, if there is a need to integrate or adopt to a new environment.

Don’t look at the price look at the value

Yes.. yes it is an  age old advise that is always conveniently ignored when someone make an offer 50% cheaper. Infact, I think this advice never worked since the days of barter system where our forefathers use to exchange salt for coffee beans or a knife for fresh milk from farm. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that mobile app development is not like buying tomatoes or potatoes, it is more like acquiring a tool or machinery that is going to make you money so think about that. Having the mobile app is not the point if it does not meet the challenge once its out there; Which brings me to my next point.

Is the programmer ready for a relationship except one-night-stand

This resembles like child maintenance issue. Here is the thing; like I said earlier mobile app development projects start as a project but they are not about buyer and seller; it is about linking two business entities till the day the mobile app dies. If a programmer is a fly-by-night and far-away-from your concept then you may be in trouble. Every mobile app and system needs the right attention to keep it going. The mobile app may have being designed perfectly and works excellent but the environment change constantly, operating systems are upgraded every time,  if you don’t have good support that tweaks and fine tunes it when changes happen then you are in trouble.

Can the programmer handle the Back-end programing, admin panel and databases 

I saved the best and most important point for last. Do you know that you can take a 3 day android development crash course on line and develop your own app? For free ! You can also download a sample android app and put some nice logo and run with it. To be fair, I learned some tricks like that too but It took a hell lot more to be were i am. Now a mobile app with good practical use often have a back end system that includes your database and admin panel which require proper technology and serious programing to make it achieve the goals of the business, efficient and secured. If you ask me that is what you pay for not the doll that sits on people’s mobile apps like a decoration. And this is why you normally download an app from google play or istore and uninstall it in as fast as you downloaded it. Good programing not only makes your app a keeper but also may save you from legal trouble. Your mobile app should not be business liability.