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IoT Solutions for small businesses: Really ? do you even need it ?

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that encompasses all internet-enabled sensors and devices connected to a network. While IoT referred to as little as RFID chips in the early 2000s, the concept has significantly evolved in the recent years and is now on its way to revolutionizing the businesses of today. A smartphone with an IoT mobile app is a simple example of an IoT application and we can see how ubiquitous it has become in society today. Now, there is an entire range of small and low-cost devices under development that will help automate a number of data sensitive business tasks over the Internet.

“IoT design and development

Large businesses are already capitalizing on the Internet of Things for improving the efficiency of businesses processes and ultimately, increasing more revenue. However, what is important to know here is that IoT is not out of the reach of a small business. In fact, small businesses that are making use of IoT have seen drastic increases in their chances of success. Three major areas IoT can have a positive impact on small businesses include cost cutting, increase productivity and minimizing risk. Here are some of the examples of products and IoT systems that are already in use.

IoT tools: ease of doing a task

Business productivity and efficiency depends on the tools one use as much as the employees and managers. A well supported employee is a happy productive employee. IoT enabled machineries and tools provide employees feedbacks and accurate measurements or other data that make their work easier and enjoyable. This data can be pushed to their wearables, cellphones or other specialized mobile devices through mobile apps and other software solutions. Let’s take the example of field workers, field data capture is one such area which can make good use of IoT enabled measurement and data capturing devices. These IoT devices will enable field worker to capture accurate data by making use of sensors and input peripheral devices. More over IoT devices guide users on usages, quality of work and other functionalities that improve their performance by cutting out human errors and facilitate operations. On the other hand IoT devices provide live data about the task at hand, usage of tools and objective measurement of productivity of their employees.

“IoT design and development

Smart Labeling and inventory control

Small businesses can make use of smart labeling for supply chain tracking, inventory and stock control operations that can make a huge impact on security, efficiency and accuracy. Although at a basic functionality level RFID smart labels have being in use for a while now, with the advancement of IoT inventions now we can offer you systems that report a real time report of stock available, movement and usage of tools across your company workshops and store rooms without incurring overhead cost of doing inventory now and then. One such system that we designed and deployed is the Rfid based library management system.

Improved Safety and Security

A foolproof security system can be quite expensive to set up if possible at all however, handling safety and security events and proper response can save you a great deal of resource and heart ache. Relatively inexpensive IoT enabled tracking devices, work budges and wearables are already out on the market at DIY basis you may just need to configure and integrate to your alarm and security systems.

Inovosystems provides IoT design and development services; we can help you plan and develop IoT systems, integrate and retrofit old machineries and business tools to give them a boost of intelligence and ‘obedience’ to increase your productivity and improve quality of produce.