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Software Development - Why Transparency is Important Featured

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Software development like any other project is greatly affected by the relationship between the Software developers and the client. Be it Mobile app, Desktop software, web application or a 5 liner simple script that a software developer have to write for a client, at the end of the day are the final products that are given to the client. However, to get there the developer goes through some rabbit holes  that the client is usually not aware of. We all understand and are always thirsty for some transparency from our government, leaders and our politicians.  Go figure ! But what has transparency go to do with Software development, between software development companies / freelance software developer and clients? 


 Transparency is simply the open and free flow of information between two parties; in this case the software developers/ software development company and client. In software development projects this entails the flow of information from software developer to the client and information flow from the client to the software developers.  

Client to Software developer Software developer to client
Software specifications  Development technique and Process of software development 
Vision, Purpose and objectives Possible challenges and impediments to develop the required software in time.
Future plan and End Result  Designs and Architecture of the software
  Regular update of progress of software development
  Problems of delivering in time (if any ) 
  Functional and Operational short comings of the developed software and the work around implemented to solve the problem.
  Remarks and Comments about the business case of the product in a form of positive input. 


Software developer taking note

Client To Software Developer Communications

The communication or flow of information from the client to the developer is the first and most important part of the software development process. The balance between protecting your idea and concept and explaining it to the software developer for implementation often proves difficult in the absence of complete trust. This is one of the major risks of any software development project where software developer do not have the complete understanding of the clients business case. this leads to interpretation of clients idea literally in to a software product with out any valuable input from the developers as to what is the best way to achieve the objectives and goals of having the software product in the first place. Such products, although they tick all the boxes, are more often inefficient, out of sync with the core objectives of the business and probably not user friendly. 

As a client and entrepreneur, you need to make sure that your software developer shares the vision of your concept and business not just the list of tasks that the developer is required to do to get you your product. This helps not just with the quality of the software but also allows the software developer to look in to different aspects of your vision and come up with a better solution. 

Software Developer To Client 

Soon as commissioning a software development project, clients usually form an expectation of certain outcomes. This is usually a combination of what they are told on the marketing pitch, all the discussions that followed and the general sense of what they think their software developer is all about.  This perception and understanding needs to be as close to the reality as possible to avoid over expectations and wrong understanding of the services they are paying for. More over it is of paramount importance that clients are informed of all the processes and twists that the software developer goes through in the process of production. this helps to shape and reshape the perception and expectation of the end product. 

Transparency helps  

  1. Cultivate the much needed trust and Promotes free flow of ideas and information.
  2. Promote accountability
  3. Corrects misconceptions and over expectations
  4. Collaboration and maturity of concept of the software solution
  5. Keeps the scope of development project in check there by reducing budget and time risks 
  6. Demystify the software inner-workings there by enabling client to understand his/ her product. This is very important for support, identifying problems with the software and scaling and integration works in the future.